Flaming Dragon Pudding Card


This card is by the artist Briar.

This is a bit of a twist on how to set your Christmas Pudding alight!  If it wasn’t for the dragon you would think that it was quite a traditional card.

The card measures 17cm x 12cm and has the message “With Blessings of the Season” inside.

The message on the card is “Yuletide Wishes“.

There is a monochrome, paler image on the inside.  This has a fairy surrounded by Yuletide greetings in different languages.  It comes with a decorative envelope.

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Flaming Dragon Pudding Card

Flaming Dragon Pudding Card
Flaming Dragon Pudding Card

This Briar Yule card measures 17cm x 12cm.

The dragon card comes with a decorative envelope and is packaged in a protective cellophane wrapper.




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