Handfasting 2018

Although Handfastings take place all through the year, they are traditionally linked to Beltane.  We are featuring cards by 3 of our favourite artists – Briar, Samantha Symonds and Chris Bell.  This year, Beltane is from Moonrise on Monday 30th April to Sunset on Tuesday 1st May.  Have a look at our Beltane and Green Man selection.

The Quirky Celts specialise in Pagan and Celtic gifts, Dragons, Fairies, and all things magical. We love everything on our website and it has all been specially chosen for you by us. We are looking for new things all the time and our choices always reflect products we are passionate about.

We will be celebrating the Celtic Pagan festivals throughout the year, and our card and gift range will reflect all of these special times. Have a lovely time looking at our website and join us on Facebook for a really good chat.

We only send our products to the UK.

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