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Coronavirus Update

Latest Information from MyHermes

We have just received this information from MyHermes, which is intended to safeguard the health of both you, the customer and also the courier.  When you reach the checkout page there is a comments box at the bottom of the page.  Could you please choose a safe place to leave your parcel (not a neighbour).  Here is the information, please contact us if you have any queries.

Message from MyHermes

Steps we are taking for a contact free delivery:

Divert your parcel to a safe place

We’re encouraging all of our customers to choose their preferred safe place for deliveries. If you have a tracking number for your parcel, you can go to the tracking section, choose ‘divert’ and select a safe place. This can also be done through our My Places app.

Automatic delivery to a safe place

If a safe place hasn’t been chosen but there is somewhere safe to deliver the parcel, we’ll leave it there – even if there’s someone in the property. We’ll take a photo, which will be included in the delivery notification email.

Steps our couriers are taking to avoid contact

If no safe place is available or a signature is required, we’ll knock on the door and step aside making sure the parcel is delivered safely. If there is no answer, we will return the parcel to the depot and re-attempt delivery on another day.

For those parcels requiring a signature, couriers have been temporarily given approval to confirm receipt on behalf of a customer; but only when that customer has answered the door and given them permission to do so