Dragon Handfasting Card


This card is from an original painting by the fantasy artist Briar.

Such a romantic card!  As in the tradition of handfasting, their hands are bound together with swirling ribbons – the origin of ‘tying the knot’.  They could be from Arthurian legend, and at their feet are two entwined dragons, one gold and the other red.  This could really be used for any romantic occasion as the inside is blank.

The inside has a fainter image of the couple and the design on the front, wraps around to the back.

The card measures 17cm x 12cm and comes with a decorative envelope (see picture).

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Dragon Handfasting Card

The Dragon Handfasting Card, by the artist Briar, measures 17cm x 12cm.  It comes with a decorative envelope and is packaged in a protective cellophane wrapper.

Dragon Handfasting Card
Dragon Handfasting Card


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