Frozen Fantasy Yule Card


This is from an original painting by Clare Bertram and it is stunning!  The picture goes around to the back of the card and shows an enchanted forest and a magical winter fairy with a beautiful stag and owls.  The message on the front is ‘Yuletide Greetings’, whilst inside, it says ‘With Blessings of the Season’.  Opposite is a monochrome image of the fairy with Yuletide greetings in different languages.

The card measures 17cm x 12cm and comes with a decorative envelope.

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Frozen Fantasy Yule Card

The Frozen Fantasy Yule Card, by the artist Clare Bertram, measures 17cm x 12cm.  It comes with a decorative envelope and is in a protective cellophane wrapper.

Frozen Fantasy Yule Card
Frozen Fantasy Yule Card


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