Lisa Parker Magical Incense Gift Pack


These incense sticks are a magical collection of 6 different fragrances.

Each box of incense sticks features one of Lisa Parker‘s cats.

In the gift pack are the following fragrances:-

Patchouli for Empowerment (Rise of the Witches)

Lavender for Protection (Book of Shadows)

Sandalwood for Luck (Rusty Cauldron)

White Sage for Healing (His Master’s Voice)

Jasmine for Success (Hocus Pocus)

Frangipani for Love (Magical Emporium)

The visual effect of the Gift Pack is striking as all the cats’ eyes face the front.

In each box are 20 incense sticks of the same variety.  The box is 24cm long.

The six boxes are packaged in a Lisa Parker presentation pack.  All of the fragrances are listed on the back.

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Lisa Parker Magical Incense Gift Pack

Lisa Parker Magical Incense Gift Pack
Lisa Parker Magical Incense Gift Pack

The Lisa Parker Magical Incense Gift Pack is exclusive to Nemesis Now.

Included in the pack are 6 boxes, each containing 20 incense sticks.  There is one fragrance in each box and these are listed on the back of the Lisa Parker incense sticks pack.

The boxes are hexagonal and are 24cm long.

They are packaged in an open-fronted illustrated box measuring 24.3cm x 16.5cm.


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