Anne Stokes Legends Tarot Cards


The Legends Tarot Deck features the art of Anne Stokes.  Some of her very best paintings illustrating magical and mythical beings have been included.

It is a traditional tarot card deck containing 78 cards.  There are 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana.  To guide your workings with the cards, a 102 page booklet is included in the box.

They come with an illustrated box measuring 11.5cm x 6.3cm x 3.3cm and are published by Fournier.

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Anne Stokes Legends Tarot Cards

Anne Stokes Legends Tarot Cards
Anne Stokes Legends Tarot Cards

The Anne Stokes Legends Tarot Cards are published by Fournier.

The deck contains 78 full-colour cards.  An instruction booklet is included.  These are all packaged inside an illustrated box, which measures 11.5cm x 6.3cm x 3.3cm.

The Anne Stokes Tarot Cards are perfect for anyone who loves her fantasy art.



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