Harlequin Witch Figurine


Another name for her could be ‘The Sunflower Witch’ – her beautiful dress resembles this most vibrant of flowers.  Her hat is decorated with stars and a long green ribbon.  she is shown pouring a potion into her bubbling cauldron.

The figurine is made from a resin which has been coloured in stunning hues.  It is 14.5cm high, and the base is 12cm in diameter.

This magical witch is from Nemesis Now.

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Harlequin Witch Figurine

Harlequin Witch Figurine
Harlequin Witch Figurine

The Harlequin Witch Figurine comes from Nemesis Now.

She is made from coloured resin and is 14.5cm tall.  The base is 12cm in diameter and is covered in a non-scratch material.

The witch figure is packaged in polystyrene inside a white cardboard box.



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