Pentacle Wax Seal Kit


This kit contains everything you need to create a special seal with the design of a pentacle on it.

It is from  the Lo Scarabeo range and contains a red-handled metal seal (2cm in diameter), with the symbol of a pentacle.  There is also a stick of dark red sealing wax that is used to make the impression.

Full instructions are included on a leaflet inside the box.  There is a link to the Lo Scarabeo website where there are further instructions.

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Pentacle Wax Seal Kit

Pentacle Wax Seal with a pentagram seal and red sealing waz
Pentacle Wax Seal

The Pentacle Wax Seal kit is from Lo Scarabeo.

The pentagram wax seal measures 2cm in diameter and has a coloured handle.  The kit includes a stick of red sealing wax and full instructions.

This pagan seal is packaged in a decorative box which measures 12cm x 8.5cm and is 3cm deep.  There is a sleeve of acetate around the box.



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