Emerald Dragon Pen Holder


Just imagine how inspired you would be with this dragon pen holder on your desk or table.  The colour is an iridescent emerald green, highlighted with touches of gold.  Dragons love shiny treasures – we’re sure that emeralds must be one of their favourite gemstones.

He is sitting on a decorative plinth and his wings are unfurled to form the space for your pens and pencils.

Made from coloured resin, the dragon measures 12.3cm high.  The base of the plinth measures 10cm x 7.8cm.

If you are a collector of all things ‘dragony’, this combines usefulness with beauty.

Also available in other colours.  To see our fantastic range of pen holders, click here.

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Emerald Dragon Pen Holder

Emerald Dragon Pen Holder
Emerald Dragon Pen Holder

The Emerald Dragon Pen Holder is from the company, Nemesis Now.

It is made from resin which is coloured emerald and gold with a black and gold base.  The item is 12.3cm high, and the area for pens is 7.5cm in diameter and 7.7cm deep.

The packaging is polystyrene inside a white card box.

It is a really lovely dragon gift.



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