Wildwood Door Knocker


Green Men famously blend in with the foliage around them, but this would certainly stand out on any door!

The Green Man’s face has the appearance of being part of a tree, and the neutral grey-black colouring contrasts well with the green leaves which decorate his face.

The face is made from resin, while the door knocker is a circle made from metal.  It has enough weight and mobility to be functional as well as visually impressive.

It measures 14cm x 11cm and the ring is 9cm in diameter.

Two screws are included for fitting and it is packaged in polystyrene within a white card box.

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Wildwood Door Knocker

Wildwood Door Knocker shows a face emerging from leaves
Wildwood Door Knocker

This Green Man Door Knocker is from Nemesis Now.

It is made from resin and has a black metal ring as the door-knocker.  It has two holes, one on either side, to fix the screws (these are included).

The measurements are 14cm x 11cm for the face, while the metal ring is 9cm in diameter.

It is packaged in polystyrene within a white card box.



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