Protector Goblet


There are dragons all over this goblet!  Look for the two pairs of flying dragons, which are set against a background of castles and mountains.  There are on the cup, but there is also another dragon coiled around the bejewelled stem.

The goblet is made out of black resin, with two red stones set into the stem.  Because dragons don’t like water (especially not with washing-up liquid in it!) the stainless steel cup inside can be removed for washing.

The height of the goblet is 18.5cm high, and the diameter of the cup is 7.5cm.  There are care instructions included and the goblet is packaged in polystyrene and a card box.

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Protector Goblet

Protector Goblet shows pairs of flying dragons
Protector Goblet

This dragon goblet is from Nemesis Now.

It is made from black resin and has two red stones inset into the stem.

The goblet is 18.5cm high and there is a removable stainless steel cup inside, which has a top diameter of 7.5cm.

It is packaged in polystyrene within a card box.




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