Dragon’s Den Figurine


The dragon has found a comfortable place to settle – it could be a bedstead with the columns at each corner.

The base is coloured a silvery-pewter colour, but the dragon is magnificent in iridescent greens with touches of bronze and silver.  Absolutely stunning.

The piece is made from resin and the base measures 19.5cm x 8.5cm.  The dragon is 9.5cm high.

It is securely packaged in polystyrene within a white cardboard box.

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Dragon’s Den Figurine

Dragon's Den Figurine
Dragon’s Den Figurine


This is a Nemesis Now dragon figure.

Its measurements are 19.5cm x 8.5cm across the base, and he is 9.5cm high.  The material he is made from is a coloured resin,

The dragon figurine is packaged in polystyrene, inside a white cardboard box.





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