Amanda Clark Seasons Calendar 2019


We’ve added the word “Seasons” to the calendar, because each picture celebrates the month it represents.  The artist, Amanda Clark, has contributed 12 of her pictures, 8 of which celebrate the festivals of the Wheel of The Year.

Beneath each of the images is a date grid which has all the important holidays plus the phases of the moon.  The calendar measures 21cm square and it opens out to 21cm x 42cm when it is hung upon your wall.

The front features the beautiful Tree Maiden.

This year we have another Amanda Clark calendar – click here to look.

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Amanda Clark Seasons Calendar 2019

Amanda Clark Seasons Calendar 2019
Amanda Clark Seasons Calendar 2019

The Amanda Clark Seasons Calendar 2019 features 12 pictures from the artist.

The images have been reproduced in full colour, and there is a date grid on the lower half of the calendar.  This Pagan calendar measure 21cm x 21cm and opens out to 21cm x 42cm.  A hole has been punched into the top so it can be hung on your wall.

The Amanda Clark calendar is packaged in cellophane.



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