Wyrmlings and Eggs Jigsaw Puzzle


We love dragons, and we love jigsaws.  Can you imagine a more perfect combination than this.

The jigsaw has been produced from the artwork of Anne Stokes, by Flame Tree Publishing.  This picture, Wyrmlings and Eggs gives detailed information on 12 different species you get a picture of the baby dragon (or wyrmling) and their egg.  Extremely useful for identification.  The artist has included information on their different characteristics and their habitats.  The image is one of the artist’s ‘Age of Dragons’ collection.

The full-colour jigsaw has 1,000 pieces.  When completed, it will measure 73.5cm x 51cm (29 inches x 20 inches).

It is packaged in a box, which has the picture of the jigsaw on the front, and also on the back.  The box measures 25cm square by 5cm deep.

We will definitely be buying one of these for ourselves.  Look out on Facebook and ‘Latest News’ to see how we are getting on with it.

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Wyrmlings and Eggs Jigsaw Puzzle

Wyrmlings and Eggs Jigsaw Puzzle
Wyrmlings and Eggs Jigsaw Puzzle

The Wyrmlings and Eggs Jigsaw Puzzle is by Anne Stokes as part of her ‘Age of Dragons’ collection.  It is produced by Flame Tree Publishing.

It is a 1,000 piece puzzle where the picture has been printed in full-colour.  When completed, this dragon jigsaw puzzle measures 73.4cm x 51cm (29 inches x 20 inches).

The box for this very special Anne Stokes Jigsaw Puzzle measures 25cm square and is 5cm deep.



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