Tree Runes Pendant


TREE RUNES for positive energy.

the pendant features a circle engraved with runic symbols.  Inside are three leaves, of oak, holly and ivy – all very significant in Pagan and Celtic symbolism.

It is made from pewter and measures 3.5cm in diameter.  The pendant is worn on a length of black cord.

It comes with a green satin pouch and a descriptive leaflet.

Oak, Holly and Ivy are all magical trees in the Greenwood.  Oak is Nature’s magician, Holly guards against evil spirits, and Ivy stands for good luck and fidelity.  Sacred runes ring these sacred trees as a double charm“.

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Tree Runes Pendant

Tree Runes Pendant
Tree Runes Pendant

This pendant is from the Greenwood range and is made from lead-free pewter alloy.

The rune pendant comes on a black cord and measures 3.5cm in diameter.

It is packaged in a green satin pouch along with a descriptive leaflet.



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