The Green Man Pendant


THE GREEN MAN for natural magic.

The pendant features the face of the Green Man surrounded by leaves, there is a green stone set at the top of the pendant.

It is made from pewter, measures approximately 56mm x 35mm, and is worn on a length of black cord.

It comes with a green satin pouch and a descriptive leaflet.

Elemental King of the Forest, The Green Man embraces natural magic and the cycle of rebirth through the seasons.  He is the guardian of Nature, and the true Spirit of the Woodland“.

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The Green Man Pendant

The Green Man Pendant
The Green Man Pendant

This pendant is from the Greenwood range and is made from a lead-free pewter alloy.

The Green Man pendant comes on a black cord and measures approximately 56mm x 35mm.

It is packaged in a green satin pouch along with a descriptive leaflet.



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