Fortunes Keeper Calendar


Keep this dragon somewhere you can see him every day.  He is curled up on top of a perpetual calendar – it will never go out of date as you can change the day and month as they move forward.

The piece has been made in the shape of a casket, decorated with green leaves.  Roman numerals go all around each side.  To change the date, use the two cubes to make any combination from 01 to 31.  There are three longer pieces at the base, each with the name of 4 months.

The dragon and calendar are cast from black resin, with highlights in silver and green.  The dates and months have been coloured silver.

It measures 9.1cm high and 11.3cm across and is packaged in a white box.

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Fortunes Keeper Calendar

Fortunes Keeper Calendar
Fortunes Keeper Calendar

The Fortunes Keeper Calendar is from Nemesis Now.

It has been cast in black resin and has the details highlighted in green and silver.  The perpetual calendar includes two cubes for the days (2.6cm square) and three blocks for the months (5.5cm long).

This dragon calendar has a base measuring 11.3cm x 8cm.  Including the dragon, the piece is 9.1cm high.

It will arrive safely packaged in polystyrene, inside a white card box.



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