Snow Searcher Wolf


This wolf’s head bust would take pride of place in the collection of anyone who loves wolves.

It has been cast in resin, before being hand-painted in amazingly realistic colours.  The wolf’s fur is tinted in shades of pale brown, grey and white.  His nose and mouth have been painted black and he has mesmerising orange eyes.  Beneath the wolf’s head is an outcrop of grey rocks, which act as a plinth for the bust.

The height of this piece is 15.5cm and it is packaged in a cardboard box.

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Snow Searcher Wolf

Snow Searcher Wolf
Snow Searcher Wolf

The Snow Searcher Wolf is from Nemesis Now.

It is a very detailed wolf’s head which has been cast in resin and then hand-painted.

The wolf bust has a flat base (8.5cm x 7.5cm) and measures 15.5cm high and 10.3cm wide.  When seen from the side, the depth is 10cm.

This quite stunning wolf head bust is packaged in polystyrene inside a cardboard box.



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