Solace LED Door Stop

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The door stop features Solace by Anne Stokes.  What makes it even more special are the LED lights which are placed behind the picture.  Just flick the switch and a magical glow appears from the amulet and the end of the unicorn’s horn.

The picture has a fairy-tale feel to it.  Solace illustrates the meeting of a young woman and a magical unicorn, within an enchanted forest.  She is dressed in a blue, hooded cloak and she is holding a heart pendant.  These is a strong feeling of empathy between the two of them.

The picture is printed on one side of the door stop, while the other side is a plain white fabric.  Inside is a plastic bag filled with sand – this provides the weight to keep your door open.

The door stop has a tab at the top, to lift it, and measures 19cm x 19cm.  It has a flat base, so stands up perfectly.

2 x AA batteries required – not supplied.

Warning – do not open the bag of sand!


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Solace LED Door Stop

Solace LED Door Stop
Solace LED Door Stop

The Solace LED Door Stop has artwork by Anne Stokes.

It is made from a polyester fabric – the design is on the front, while the back is plain white.  The weight is achieved by the bag of sand which is inside.  This is reached by the concealed zip in the base.

This Anne Stokes door stop has been made even more special by the addition of LED lights.  These have been placed behind the picture, and the control can be found just inside the zipped compartment.

The measurements of this unicorn door stop are 19cm x 19cm, with a flat base.

2 x AA batteries required (not supplied).



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