Celtic Pentagram Box


We love boxes and have them all around the house.  They are so useful, but decorative at the same time.  It would be perfect for keeping tarot cards in, or crystals, or keys.  But perhaps you can think of something else.

The box itself is made from a black resin, which has been decorated around the top and sides with Celtic knotwork.  There is also a pentacle in the centre of the lid.

It measures 15cm x 10cm and is 5.2cm deep.

Perfect for keeping your treasures safe.

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Celtic Pentagram Box

Celtic Pentagram Box
Celtic Pentagram Box

The Celtic Pentagram Box has been made from a black resin.  The decorations around the sides and top give the design a raised effect.

The Celtic box measures 15cm x 10cm and is 5.2cm deep.  On the base are four protective pads to prevent it scratching the surface you put it on.

The Pagan box is well-packaged in polystyrene, inside a cardboard box.



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