The Tarot Bible


Whenever we want to know about any ‘alternative’ subject, the Godsfield Bibles are invaluable.  This volume has been written by Sarah Bartlett.

The Tarot Bible has the subtitle, “The definitive guide to the cards and spreads”.  The book starts with the history of tarot and continues with how to use the cards.  There is a full description of the major and minor arcana.  Each one has a page to itself.

The Tarot Bible goes on to describe which spread to use for both decision-making and goal-setting.

There are 400 pages illustrated in colour, and the book measures 16.7cm x 14cm.

This is a perfect book on the tarot for both the beginner and anyone interested in learning more about this fascinating subject.

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The Tarot Bible

The Tarot Bible
The Tarot Bible


The Tarot Bible is written by Sarah Bartlett and is published by Godsfield Press.

It is a perfect tarot book for both beginners and the more experienced tarot card readers.  There are 400 pages within the book, which measures 16.7cm x 14cm.



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