Llewellyns 2018 Magical Almanac

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The subtitle for this very special book is “Practical Magic for Everyday Living”.  There are nearly 30 articles covering a diverse range of topics.  Divided into the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water the subjects will empower your magical work all year long.  At the back of the book is information about all the authors.

In the centre of the book is the ‘Almanac’ section.  This is a calendar featuring international festivals and holidays, moon and astrological information and even colours and incense associated with each day.

The Magical Almanac is a paperback.  It has 311 pages and measures 20.3cm x 13.2cm.

Please note – the times are based on Eastern Time Zone (American) – you just need to adjust for GMT.

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Llewellyns 2018 Magical Almanac

Llewellyns 2018 Magical Almanac
Llewellyns 2018 Magical Almanac

The Llewellyns 2018 Magical Almanac is published by Llewellyn Books.

It is a compilation of article about magical subjects, all written by experts in this field of knowledge.  In the middle there is an almanac for 2018.

This magical book has 311 pages.  It is a paperback which measures 20.3cm x 13.2cm.



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