Tarot of The Hidden Realm


This tarot deck is a doorway to the world of Faery.  It is a place far away from the everyday existence – it is a realm filled with wilderness and wonder and the magical beings who populate this world.

The beautiful illustrations have been created by Julia Jeffrey, one of our favourite artists.  The text has been written by Barbara Moore, a familiar name to you if you have an interest in tarot.

Contained within the illustrated box are a full tarot deck of 78 cards  There is also a 240 page book.

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Tarot of The Hidden Realm

Tarot of The Hidden Realm
Tarot of The Hidden Realm

The Tarot of The Hidden Realm is illustrated by the Scottish artist, Julia Jeffrey.  The book, which is included is by Barbara Moore.

The fantasy tarot cards lead you towards the world of Faery.  There are 78 cards which are accompanied by a 240 page book.  These are contained within an illustrated box which gives examples of some of the artwork to be found on the cards.



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