Mandrake Pendant


MANDRAKE for Luck and Wealth

The pendant is from the ‘Briar Bestiary’ collection.  The designs have been created by the fantasy artist Briar.

The Mandrake or Mandragora plant has a long history in magic and folklore.  More recently, it has featured in the Harry Potter films, where the students had to take care not to hear their screams.

The finely detailed pendant has been cast in a non-allergenic lead-free alloy and has a shiny silver finish.  The foliage is highlighted in gold and there are three emerald-green crystals growing from the top of the plant.  It measures 4.9cm x 3cm and hangs from an 18 inch chain.

It is packaged with a green satin drawstring pouch and a leaflet featuring details of all the collection.

“The screaming root of the plant is said to bring good fortune, unless you hear its call!”

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Mandrake Pendant

Mandrake Pendant
Mandrake Pendant

The Mandrake Pendant features the artwork of Briar and is one of the ‘Briar Bestiary’ collection.

It measures 4.9cm x 3cm and is made from a non-allergenic lead-free alloy, which has a shiny silver finish.  It is decorated with golden leaves and emerald-green crystals.  An 18 inch chain is attached.

A green satin pouch is included, as well as a leaflet showing all of the Briar Bestiary collection.



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