Valour Umbrella


We don’t often say that we can’t wait for it to rain!  This lovely umbrella is not only stunning, but functional as well.

The Valour artwork is by the artist Anne Stokes, and the umbrella is from Nemesis Now.

A definition of the word ‘Valour’ is “Great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle”.  The fantasy artist, Anne Stokes is excellent at portraying strong women (who frequently have a dragon companion).  This warrior is protected by her armour, sword and dragon, but more than anything, by her attitude.  The colours red and silver add to the strength of the picture.

The image is repeated all the way around the umbrella.  When opened, it measures approximately 100cm across.  It has a traditional mechanism on the handle, which measures 55cm when the umbrella is open.  It folds down to 23cm.  There is a strap and a decorative cover to use when it is closed.

This is an innovative way to carry your favourite artwork with you, whatever the weather.

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Valour Umbrella

Valour Umbrella
Valour Umbrella

The Valour Umbrella has artwork by Anne Stokes and is from Nemesis Now.

The fabric is polyester and, when opened, the umbrella measures approximately 100cm across.  The handle has a strap, and the Anne Stokes umbrella folds down to 23cm.

There is a sleeve to put it in when it is not in use.



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