Mystic Aura Mirror Box

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The mysticl fairy is from the artwork of Anne Stokes.  She has magnificent purple wings which match her hair and has a coronet of roses and a pentacle.  Her dress is adorned with a dragon design and butterflies fly around her and her crystal ball.  Around the outside of the box are hearts and flourishes.

The box is just perfect for anything, from jewellery to keepsakes. It is made from wood and is 10cm square. There is a mirror on the inside of the lid, which is held open by a ribbon.

It comes in a Nemesis Now box.

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Mystic Aura Mirror Box

The Mystic Aura Mirror Box has artwork by Anne Stokes and is from Nemesis Now.

It is made from wood and measures 10cm x 10cm and is 6cm deep. It is covered in a printed fabric and has protective felt underneath.

There is a mirror attached to the underside of the lid, and this measures 7cm x 7cm. The lid is held open by a ribbon, and the inside is covered in a velvety material.

It is packaged in a Nemesis Now box.

Mystic Aura Mirror Box
Mystic Aura Mirror Box

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Dimensions 100 × 100 × 60 mm


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