Forest Dragon Storage Box


We’re always looking for more storage space, so these boxes are perfect.

Not just practical, but also decorative, this box features a full-colour design of Forest Dragon by Anne Stokes.

The picture comes from the artist’s ‘Age of Dragons’ collection.  No wonder we’ve never seen the Forest Dragon, when they are so well-camouflaged against the foliage of the trees.

This storage box is great as it folds flat.  This makes it easier to post to you, but also takes up less space when you’re not using it.

When made up, the box is a 38cm cube.  When unfolded, you place the base inside the box to make it stronger.  The base has a fabric tab so that you can take it out easily.  The padded lid fits on perfectly.

The picture is on all four sides and the top, and has been printed onto a leatherette-type material.

This is a really handy collapsible, yet sturdy storage box.

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Forest Dragon Storage Box

Forest Dragon Storage Box
Forest Dragon Storage Box

The Forest Dragon Storage Box features artwork from Anne Stokes.

The picture has been printed in full-colour onto a leatherette-type material.  The dragon storage box is a 38cm cube.  It collapses down flat and comprises the box shape, a base, and a padded lid.

Also called an ‘ottoman’, it is packaged in a cardboard box.



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